Put the power of the Moon to work for you!

If the moon has the power to pull the tides, surely it must affect us. Our bodies are made mostly of water, and just as the phases of the moon affect the waters of the world, they can also affect the waves of our own emotional seas.

Many believe and have experienced firsthand that emotions and energy levels during different phases of the Moon run high… By paying attention to the phases of the moon throughout the entire lunar cycle, you can be more in rhythm with the natural world, and in sync with the divine nature of time. 

Placing water out under the Moon creates water that carries the energy of the Moon. If you want to heighten the influence of the moon (or of a particular moon) in your life, this is a great way to do it. Utilizing this water and its many benefits will also help you adapt to seasonal changes as well as to the energy shifts that are taking place.

Moonwater Products

“Thanks for a great product. It's now less stressful at home with my two kids. They seem less anxious and more balanced since I started misting.”

Larry S.