How We Make our Moon Water

Our unique and proprietary process starts with unadulterated filtered water. We co-create our Moonwater Elixirs high in the hills of the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. With little to no light pollution, our water receives the greatest benefits of the Moon's energy. We capture and harness the energy for three full nights (the 24 hours before, during and after the specific Moon phase we are capturing) taking care to bring the water back in before sunrise and returning it back to the night when the Moon rises and the sun has set. While the water is soaking up the energy of the Moon, each vessel is surrounded with crystals and stones that I have collected and gathered over the past few decades. Each night, I sit for a while with the water sending it positive energy and intention and then I let the Moon do the rest! 

We hope you enjoy our Moonwater Elixirs as much as we enjoy making them.