Dragon Mist for Space and Aura Cleansing

Dragon Mist for Space and Aura Cleansing

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Homework meltdowns got you stressed? Give them a mist! 

Husband making you crazy? Give him a mist!

Traffic have you seeing red? Give yourself a mist!

Boss or coworkers pushing your buttons? Give your office or cubicle a mist!

Our Dragon Mist is the ultimate tool for clearing negative and/or stuck energy. Get the power of a dragon in YOUR pocket! Never leave home without it. Spray it ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Dragon Mist uses essential oil of Lavender, clear Quartz crystals, and the energy of a full Moon and Reiki. It is the perfect Space and Aura Cleansing Spray for when you are feeling the effects of negative energy and want to feel positive, peaceful and uplifted. Use Dragon Mist to feel grounded, centered and energetically protected whether at home, in your car, or at work.