why people love our moon water

Its the best!

Using these products for two months now! I purchased at a local festival and have been a faithful customer since. LOVE LOVE LOVE the SAGE SMUDGE and Lavender Bath Water...made with water charged in the moonlight...GREAT IDEA!


Thanks for a great product. It's now less stressful at home with my two kids. They seem less anxious and more balanced since I started misting.

Larry S.

January 2017


Love the Sage Smudge Spray! Perfect for a new home to cleanse and make it your own. -Nancy R.


I bought the Dragon Mist at the Asparagus festival to use at work. It is amazing how much better it feels at my desk. I love the fact that it is fragrance free and no one even knows when I've sprayed it. (I even showed up early to work one day and sprayed the whole office!) I feel more positive and "certain" people don't seem to bother me the way they used to. Thank you so much!       Sue D.

I absolutely love the sage spray. I actually don't leave home without it. I really enjoy spraying my car when I'm having a busy day and spending too much time in it. Just recently went camping and used it in my camper to clear out the old energy. In my house everything flows better during the day when I use it. Excellent product. Will be reordering!!   Jen H.   

I recently went on a cabin vacation with family. We rent several adjacent cabins. This year's trip looked to be stressful because 2 adult members had become estranged over the past year, yet agreed to make the 9 hour drive together in a car with 3 teens! The estranged adults rarely spoke since their estrangement, and did not speak for the entire ride. The first day, we could practically see the tension. Knowing the week would be challenging for us all if something wasn't done, I brought a bottle of Dragon Mist with. I sprayed both their cabins - especially sleeping areas - before they arrived and a few times during the first day. They didn't speak to each other that first day, one hunched over meals with a scowl. There was a shift in their demeanor by the second morning, a softening, and both relaxed into the much needed conversation, something that easily could have taken place prior to this trip - they live 2 miles from one another. They were left alone by the fire, and they spoke to each other for over an hour, ending with an embrace!!! Such intense, judgmental anger was held by each - it grew in intensity over the past year. It's release was astounding! I'm certain there are many other contributing factors - but it is clear to me that the Dragon Mist accelerated this release - and let the healing begin.